North East Yellowstone - Lamar Valley

Yellowstone has a total of five entrances and for newcomers, it could be a daunting task to figure out where to go and the best place to enter the park. Each entrance is different and although some are more popular than others.

To give you an idea the traditional main entrance to the park is the North Entrance. It puts visitors in Mommoth Hot Springs which offers spectacular scenery. The north entrance is also the only year-round entrance to the park.

A less popular entrance is the northeast entrance which is good news for visitors looking for a less crowded experience. The northeast entrance is also the closest entrance to Lamar Valley known as the wildlife center of the park.

Cooke City and Silver Gate are the closest towns to the entrance and both offer several options for lodging. Cooke City is bigger and more developed than Silver Gate. If you are looking for a super relaxing cabin in the woods experience then Silver Gate is the place to visit.

We focus on northeast Yellowstone for several reasons, one being that it is unique in being the gateway from the Beartooth Mountains and Wyoming Sunlight Basin to the park. Silver Gate is unique because of the town's construction covenants requiring only log and rustic architecture.