Looking for a place to stay close to Yellowstone, especially during the busy summer months? We've done the work for you and discovered a hidden gem of a town less than a mile from the northeast gate entrance to Yellowstone National Park. We decided that we will be focusing on the northeast side of the park since so many sites are focussing on the more popular crowded areas.

Yellowstone has so much more to offer than just geysers and world-famous waterfalls. Discover the wild side of Yellowstone. The northeast entrance opens up to Lamar Valley, the Northeast, Tower Fall, and Tower-Roosevelt.

Lamar Valley is considered the best place in the park to view wildlife. Summer is a great time to view bison and elk which attracts predators like wolves and grizzly bears.

Lamar Valley known as America's Serengeti is unique in so many ways. It is considered a hotspot for animal viewing. Wolves, bison, bears, pronghorn, bald eagles, and more. Located in the northeastern part of the park the famous Lamar Canyon wolf packs roam the valley and can be spotted frequently.

Lamar Valley is also home to Lamar Buffalo Ranch. Comfortable cabins available to participants in field seminars provide a perfect base for bison observation. For travelers wishing to stay close to Lamar Valley, the town of Silver Gate approximately 1 mile from the northeast entrance is home to several cabins, a motel, and even a large lodge.

The art of finding good places to stay near Yellowstone Park!

It's not easy. Summer season is traditionally a difficult time to find last-minute lodging options inside or close to the park. Normally it is required to book lodging inside the park many months in advance. Most visitors stay outside of the park and make daily treks inside the park.

A hidden gem sits less than a mile from the northeast entrance to the park towards the nearest entrance to Lamar Valley. A gateway into the park over the Beartooth Mountains for many years. Model-Ts were used to drive over the pass-through Cooke City and Silver Gate into the park.

What to do in and around Yellowstone National Park

Vacation time is best spent filled with activities for the kids and relaxation for the adults. Yellowstone is no stranger to the draw of summer crowds and with that comes ways to spend the time.