Yellowstone National Park Information

The first national park founded in 1872 is everything and more than you have ever expected. Hydrothermal wonderland is a joy to be experienced. It is almost 3,500sq miles which makes it bigger than several small countries. Unique canyons, rivers, geysers, forests and hot springs make for an amazing adventure destination.

Scientist have recorded temperatures as high as 4,590 degrees Fahrenheit less than 1,100ft below the surface. Truly a hot spot!

Most asked question from visitors is what type of season or vacation time of the year is the best time to visit Yellowstone. Hard to say since they are so unique but summertime is definitely the most popular.

Described as genuinely awe-inspiring and epic with a slight downside as it can be perceived as too touristy. Also most people would like to stay longer. 7 Days or more is preferable.